Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Horse pictures are lots of fun, but tack is often even better. It's art in and of itself.

It's a Jeep Thing

Welcome to the family, Pearl!

The pooper doggers like the back.

It's a mud magnet. And a man magnet too. :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Very Vedding Veekend! Also, Ve're German! Who knew?

Hi guys! Here's a peek of what our weekend looked like. We worked on our wedding invites so we can get them out to all of you! Boe was a very diligent worker, first lining up the paper....

Then cutting it... and repeat...

I wrapped the gifts for my four little girls (flowergirl Hallee, and the three junior attendants), and I was afraid of running out of ribbon, so I got a little creative with their bobbi pins!

And guess what! Only 62 days from here! Two months tomorrow!

Can't wait!
Love from SoDak!
The Future Mrs. Simmons

"The more I see of man, the more I like dogs." Madame de Staƫl

I know it, I'm a broken record, but I love shooting dog photos. Guilty pleasure.
Here are a few of my brother and his girlfriend's dog. She's pretty darn cute, and photographs well.

My mother wanted a photo of her puppies and grandpuppies. We couldn't really make it work out, but I think these photos ring true to who the puppies are. (My dogs are getting fairly good at posing.)

Peanut was very festive for Christmas.

Dally is nosy as ever! But definitely cute!

House Update!

This is the view out our dirty bedroom window. I thought it was pretty all the same.

Before: the southeast spare bedroom. (Facing northeast)

After: facing southwest.

The west wall, mostly. I finally found a place for a piece I made in high school!

I got scoffed at for putting a recliner upstairs, but I think it works nicely!

Anyone wanna come stay in it? Door's open!

...Where the deer and the antelopers play!

Hi all!
I was flipping through photos this weekend and found some I shot while traveling across Nebraska and South Dakota. We didn't have internet at
home after we came home from mine and Boe's parents' at Christmas. I figured I would share them, even though they're a tad late.
It's still snowing here, so they aren't entirely out of season, I guess.
The Future Mrs. Simmons

The tree pictured in the above and below photos is my favorite in Nebraska, one of the few trees in Nebraska for that matter! In any case, I found it intriguing when I would pass it on my way home to Boe on the weekends.

The Missouri River!

It was chilly on the morning we left my parents. It made for great photos at least!

Four eagles were frolicking in a pasture close to Bruce and Rose's.

And some antelope too. There aren't many of these little fellas in Eastern South Dakota!
I must say, I kinda miss them!